Hi there, I am a Turkish-born product designer currently living in Japan and working at Yamaha Music. I have lived and worked in Turkey, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

I have extensive experience working with established brands like Yamaha, Siemens Healthcare, Jacob Jensen Design, ECCO, Nachtmann and collaborated with various startups to kick-start their ideas, companies such as TimesulinManetos, Wellbe, Newgen. While working with large organizations gave me an excellent level of brand-related design skills like team working and communication; working with startups and small organizations gave me the opportunity to learn more about project management, branding, marketing, and design strategy. More...

What I am doing now;

  • Running a design blog, HUE Blog
  • Working on various analog photo projects, Trapped on film
  • Using “Processing” to create homemade games
  • Trying to learn how to play Saxophone  
  • Enjoying my stay in Japan as much as I can by traveling and making new friends