This is a smart boiler control device to increase efficiency of the weather control in your house.

Client: Manetos

Brief:  Scypo (previous name) a Swedish startup asked me to support them with product design. They were developing a new technology to control boilers to increase efficency and save money. My goal was to design the product during the development phase and help them find funding. 

Challenges: Biggest challenge was the constant updates, we have started the project with specific dimensions and components but over time almost every week there were major changes. I had to find a way to prototype the most flexible way and adapt regularly changing structure.


  • I come up with a multi-layer solution where outer shape was a combination of multiple laser cut materials bundled together. This has helped us to easily adjust to the hardware and dimension changes with minimum cost.
  • Layered system also helped us to solve ventilation problem without exposing hardware.
  • I had to leave the project when I moved to Japan so final design of the product has been done by another designer.
Scypho_America_UI_Animation (0-00-31-16)


After couple of workshops and discussions we have decided which direction we would like to move forward.



When we decided to adapt the layers concept, next phase was prototyping and adapting each hardware changes while we find solutions to the various problems like ventilation, cables etc.



I have also worked on a very basic UI animation to explain how it works to the stakeholders.