My design concept succeeded in competition and created a new line for the Nachtmann brand. My goal was to create a complex geometry of the "unfinished" part of the lead crystal vase that plays with the reflections of light. 

Client: Nachtmann

Brief: In 2011 Nachtmann has initiated a design competition with Stockholm’s Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design to design a concept for their upcoming product series. 

Challenges: This is my first project that doesn't have a particular function but more of an expression of my artistic insights. Manufacturing process was completely different than what I used to so I had to travel Germany and work closely with the engineer to execute my vision as close as possible.


  • I have learned great deal of glass manufacturing, both machine and hand made.
  • Executing the same design concept on various products was a great experience.
nachtmann-sculpture_01 copy