This is a key holder for people to keep their key safe during various activities.

Client: Newgen Distribution

Brief:  Design a product that people can keep their keys during various activities. We were responsible for finding the initial concept and preparing it for production.

Challenges: Newgen (Sportsbud previous name) was a fresh company that wanted to create sport products. Since their brand was new we worked closely with their brand developers. Their initial budget was limited so we had to find a way to keep production cost minimum while solving the problem. Also one of our tasks was also support their Kickstarter campaign. 


  • We have ended up using a very simple two piece silicon solution that fits most of the keys in the Swedish market. 
  • Final 3d model that goes to production was done by me.
  • This was our first project at our freshly started HUE Studio. All three of us were available and contributed to the project.
All Process small

*You can click on the image to see the higher resoulition process